• Jignesh Diwanji

Goal Setting

Updated: Apr 12

Pause and Plan :- Let us pause for a while and view wide before setting our goals in life. Think thick to make the layers thin and catch the real theme easily. Whatever we decide to be in life must not have the poor base of what people around us will like us to be. Let others go ahead in the race. They may make a mess in the long run. It is always better to have a pause than to have the feeling of guilt for the wrong run. Let us analyse and finalise our goal Forced Goal :- On the basis of the survival of the fittest, to remain alive on the earth is the first goal by default. The only goal animals have is to survive themselves. Why do we think and wish to have the things beyond our survival? Because we are thinkers and animals are not ! Desired Goal :- What wrong if we desire more than our livelihood? More physical comforts, social recognition and respect. Then, to achieve the highest physical comforts, social recognition and respect must be the common desired goal of mankind. Lacking of which may give a feeling of unhappiness. Ideal Goal :- To achieve the forced goal that is to strive for the livelihood keeping the principles in centre and senses in control should be the ideal goal of all in general. Physical comforts and social recognition will follow us wagging tails. There is no shortcut to have physical comforts and excellent self image quickly by leaving principles aside. Uncontrolled senses always give unstable happiness. A breeze can cause a fall of a tall tree with weak roots in a wink. Jignesh N. Diwanji jnd511@yahoo.co.in